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Sagebrush Review Volume 8 (ISBN-13: 978-0-9823453-1-3) was the Spring 2013 edition of the Sagebrush Review. Its cover was designed by Jacob Heidtman.[1]

Staff[edit | edit source]

  • Managing Editor: Matthew Guzman
  • Assistant Editor: Lorraine Schmitt
  • Historian/Treasurer: Connor McBrearty
  • Community Outreach: Kaylee McDevitt, Katy Glass
  • Content Selection Committee: Kaylah Baca, Kaylee McDevitt, Nic Duron, Matthew Guzman, Michael Lemon, John Segura, Lorraine Schmitt
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Ray Vance[1]

Contents[edit | edit source]

Page Type Author Title
2 Poem Kara Dorris Everyone Knows Moonshine Tastes Better Illegal
3 Poem Kara Dorris Hometown
5 Poem Kara Dorris Disappeared, TX
6 Poem Kelsey Erin Shipman Eighteen
8 Poem Kelsey Erin Shipman Versions of My Mother's Suicide Note
11 Poem JD Segura My Headspace
12 Poem JD Segura Disproportional Girl
13 Poem Eloy Gonzalez A Glass of Bourbon on an Autumn Day
14 Poem Cory Lacek Obscure Title
15 Poem Andrew Hale The Brodyssey Part X
16 Poem Michael Dove An Ode to Perseverence
17 Poem Carlos Loredo The Pot-Bellied-Pig-Killing Werewolf
19 Poem Marissa Vega My Father's Sestina
21 Poem Marissa Vega Poem for Richard Brautigan
23 Poem Albert Limon Sweatshop
25 Poem Katy Glass Places
28 Poem EL Schmitt First Snow
29 Poem EL Schmitt The Rhinoceros Beetle
30 Poem Mary Dustin-Estrada Weed Salad
32 Poem Mary Dustin-Estrada Waiting in the Garden
33 Poem Mary Dustin-Estrada Planet Omega 3
34 Poem Will Sharp Suppression of Longings for an Ex
35 Poem Kaylah Baca On Musicality
36 Poem Robert Torres A Cat Named Sorrow
37 Poem Robert Torres Connecticut
40 Poem Robert Torres Mexican Red-Knee
41 Poem Michael Lemon Early Bird Specials or Western Revision of Jenny Joseph's "Warning"
42 Poem Michael Lemon Visitors to Floydada County Cemetery
43 Poem Elaine Wong A Summer Afternoon on Blackcomb Mountain, British Columbia
44 Poem Jodi Lynne Ierien Corporal William Coxshall
45 Poem Jodi Lynne Ierien The Eyes Have It
47 Poem Maggie Rejino Lulu
48 Poem Maggie Rejino Fifties
49 Poem Sarah Montoya Feast
51 Poem Sarah Montoya Legacy
52 Poem Sarah Montoya Night
54 Poem Sarah Montoya Recuerdos
55 Art Crystal Ballard Untitled Self-Portrait 1
56 Art Crystal Ballard Untitled Self-Portrait 2
57 Art Crystal Ballard Untitled Self-Portrait 3
58 Photo Christina Catterson Burning Light
59 Photo Christina Catterson Pink Lightbulb
60 Photo Anna Padilla Cellar Anomaly
61 Photo EL Schmitt Rush
62 Fiction Coral Lumbley The Institute for the Collection and Study of Mythical Creatures
71 Fiction David Hale Narcissism/Arrogance
73 Fiction Frank Mann II And Be a Fisher of Men
79 Fiction Madeline Luft Fluorescent Lights
85 Fiction Mary Dustin-Estrada Lucky Gutierrez Meets the Grim Reaper
88 Fiction Brendan Meis Love from the Machine
96 Fiction Guy Truc What Gary Told Me Today
103 Non-Fiction Mary Dustin-Estrada Big Red Dog
105 Non-Fiction Lane Cheek An Old Friend and a New[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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